A Taste of the Islands: Exploring Wine and Craft Beer in the Florida Keys

While the Florida Keys are renowned for their tranquil beaches, stunning sunsets, and tantalizing seafood, there’s a lesser-known side to the Keys that’s gaining attention – the local wine and craft beer scene. In recent years, this tropical paradise has seen a surge in wineries, breweries, and craft beer bars, pleasing both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. As you plan your escape to the Keys with Florida Keys Vacation Rentals, Inc., consider diving into the thriving world of wine and craft beer that adds an extra dimension to your island adventure.

In this article, we will explore the exciting wine and craft beer offerings throughout the Florida Keys, highlighting local wineries, breweries, and unique tasting experiences that showcase the innovative flavors and craftsmanship of the region. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast, a craft beer aficionado, or just looking to try something new on your vacation, the Keys offer a range of delightful beverages that promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Discover the Flavors of the Vine: Wineries in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys may not be the first location that comes to mind when thinking about vineyards, yet this tropical paradise is home to some unique and innovative wineries. Get ready to uncork and unwind with these local wine offerings.

Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery, Homestead

Located just north of the Florida Keys, Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery is an excellent first stop for wine lovers. This innovative winery crafts fine wines using fruits native to South Florida, such as mango, lychee, and guava. Experience the tropical flavors of the region while sipping on a refreshing glass of wine in the winery’s beautiful courtyard.

Florida Keys Winery, Key Largo

Florida Keys Winery offers visitors a selection of unique wines that embody the spirit and flavors of the Keys. From their signature mango wine to their acclaimed chocolate-dipped key lime wine, this winery provides an adventurous tasting experience for those eager to try something new.

Raise a Toast to Craft Beers: Breweries in the Florida Keys

Home to an ever-growing number of breweries and independent beer bars, the Florida Keys have firmly established themselves as a craft beer lover’s dream destination. Hop on over to these locally loved establishments and experience some of the finest craft brews the Keys have to offer.

Florida Keys Brewing Co, Islamorada

As the first brewery in the Upper Keys, Florida Keys Brewing Co offers an intimate and authentic craft beer experience. Located in the arts district of Islamorada, the brewery features a laid-back atmosphere alongside a wide variety of creative brews. With a rotating selection of beer on tap and an inviting beer garden, there’s always something new to discover at this beloved brewery.

Waterfront Brewery, Key West

Situated in the heart of Key West’s Historic Seaport, the Waterfront Brewery offers a scenic dining and drinking experience. The brewery features a range of expertly crafted beers, including the award-winning Crazy Lady Honey Blonde Ale, as well as a fantastic menu of fresh seafood and pub favorites. Enjoy a pint and a bite while taking in the picturesque harbor views at this crowd-pleasing establishment.

Off the Beaten Path: Unique Tasting Experiences in the Florida Keys

To truly appreciate the diversity and creativity of the local wine and beer scene, explore these distinctive tasting experiences that showcase the best of the Florida Keys.

The Rum Barrel, Key West

Set sail for a spirited journey of rum tasting at the Rum Barrel in Key West. This pirate-themed bar offers a vast selection of rums from around the world, served up in a lively and entertaining atmosphere. With expert guidance from the bartenders, sample an array of rums and discover new flavors that excite your senses.

Keys Meads, Key Largo

For those looking to embrace a more ancient libation, Keys Meads is the perfect stop. At this charming meadery, you can taste and learn about mead, a beverage made from fermented honey and enjoyed across cultures since ancient times. Sample a diverse range of meads and enjoy the warm hospitality of the owners, who share their passion for this time-honored beverage.

Nurturing the Craft Beer Community: Brewpubs and Beer Bars

Expand your tasting horizons by visiting brewpubs and independent beer bars that champion the vibrant craft beer community in the Florida Keys.

Island Fish Company Tiki Bar & Restaurant, Marathon

With stunning sunset views over the Gulf of Mexico, the Island Fish Company Tiki Bar & Restaurant offers a picturesque location to relax and enjoy a selection of local craft brews. The extensive beer list, paired with a tasty menu featuring fresh seafood, makes this establishment a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts.

The Porch, Key West

Housed in a historic Victorian mansion, The Porch offers an eclectic and intimate haven for craft beer lovers. Discover an expertly curated selection of draft and bottled brews from around the world, with an emphasis on local and regional options. Relax on the porch and allow the convivial atmosphere to enhance your tasting experience.


With its lively wine and craft beer scene, the Florida Keys offer a unique and enticing array of experiences for both casual drinkers and seasoned connoisseurs. From innovative wineries harnessing the flavors of local fruits to ambitious breweries pushing the boundaries of the craft, these establishments showcase the ingenuity of Floridian artisans. Add to that the undiscovered gems of unique tasting experiences and cozy brewpubs, and you have a recipe for an unparalleled adventure.

As you plan your stay in Florida Keys, consider incorporating some of these wine and craft beer destinations into your itinerary. Savor the intangible spirit of the islands as you explore the range of delightful tastes and atmospheric locales that elevate your vacation into a memorable, multi-sensory experience. Book one of our Florida Keys home rentals at Florida Keys Vacation Rentals, Inc. now. 

A Food Lover’s Guide to Florida Keys Restaurants and Local Dishes

The Florida Keys are renowned for their stunning natural beauty and enticing turquoise waters, inviting visitors from around the world to experience and indulge in an unforgettable tropical adventure. What may be an unexpected, yet equally delightful discovery for many, is the incredible culinary scene that offers an impressive selection of tantalizing local dishes, exciting flavors, and world-class dining experiences to satiate the cravings of any discerning food enthusiast.

In this comprehensive food lover’s guide, we will guide you on a mouthwatering journey through the Florida Keys, exploring the region’s rich culinary traditions, exceptional eateries, and must-try dishes that pay homage to the bountiful ocean and vibrant local culture. As you enjoy your stay at a Florida Keys Vacation Rentals, Inc. vacation home, prepare to treat your taste buds to a vast array of distinctive culinary delights that draw on the influence of Caribbean, Latin, and Southern American cuisines.

A Storied Past: Celebrating the Legends and Icons of the Keys

Delve into the fascinating tales of the Florida Keys, learning about influential figures, sunken treasures, and pivotal events that have shaped the islands. Discover personal haunts of literary greats, explore the remnants of salvaged shipwrecks, and examine the innovative conservation efforts preserving the Keys’ rich history and heritage.

Ernest Hemingway’s Key West

Embark on a journey through Ernest Hemingway’s Key West, as you visit his former home turned museum. The legendary author’s residence, now the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, offers fascinating insights into his life, including Hemingway’s love for the island, his passion for sportfishing, and his world-renowned novels inspired by life in the Keys.

Truman’s Little White House

Experience the historic retreat of President Harry S. Truman as you tour the peaceful Truman’s Little White House. This Presidential sanctuary has played host to multiple leaders, including Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, providing a glimpse into the storied past and important decisions that have taken place within its walls.

Shipwreck Treasures of the Keys

Unearth the captivating history of shipwrecks and salvaging efforts throughout the Florida Keys by visiting the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. Explore the thrilling stories of sunken treasures, artifacts, and recovery expeditions, as well as the fearless adventurers who risked it all in pursuit of fortune and fame.

Historic Lighthouses: Guiding Lights of the Florida Keys

Discover the vital role and fascinating history of lighthouses scattered throughout the Florida Keys, which have long served as guardians of the treacherous waters and a beacon of hope for mariners navigating the islands. Immerse yourself in these towering structures’ tales of the past, from shipwrecks and adversity to the enduring legacy of brave lightkeepers.

Exploring the Islands’ Cultural Tapestry

Celebrate the diverse cultural fabric of the Florida Keys, as you uncover the islands’ unique blend of Spanish, Bahamian, and Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Influence of Pirate Lore

Engage with the vivid tales and seafaring legends of the Florida Keys, as you learn about pirates who once frequented these waters. Delve into the daring tales of historical figures such as Black Caesar and Captain Kidd, and explore the influence of pirate lore on the spirit and culture of the Keys.

Conch Republic: Independence and Spirit

Examine the tongue-in-cheek secession of the Conch Republic, a quintessential representation of the Florida Keys’ independent nature. Celebrate this light-hearted nod to the island chain’s fierce spirit and determination, just as the locals do during the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration.

Afro-Caribbean Melting Pot

Discover the rich Afro-Caribbean influence on the Florida Keys, where immigrant populations from the Caribbean islands have left an indelible mark on the region’s history. Explore the African Cemetery at Higgs Beach, which honors the memory of those who lost their lives in the Middle Passage, or visit the Bahama Village neighborhood in Key West to experience vibrant culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Preserve and Protect: Safeguarding the Heritage of the Florida Keys

Learn about the crucial efforts to conserve the Florida Keys’ historical and cultural landmarks, ensuring future generations can partake in these islands’ rich legacy.

Local Restoration Initiatives

Discover the countless ways local organizations such as the Florida Keys National Register of Historic Places and the Florida Keys History & Discovery Foundation work tirelessly to preserve historic properties, museums, and other cultural landmarks throughout the islands.

Conservation Through Education

Take part in the ongoing mission to educate visitors about the importance of preserving the Keys’ unique heritage, by engaging with interactive exhibits at local museums and historical sites, which aim to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region’s past.

Monroe County Historical Society: Champions of History

Explore the crucial role of the Monroe County Historical Society, which has worked for decades to protect and preserve historical structures and landmarks in the Florida Keys. By engaging the community and advancing historical awareness, the organization plays an integral role in preserving the islands’ cultural fabric.


Immerse yourself in the historical wonders of the Florida Keys while staying at Florida Keys Vacation Rentals, Inc., retracing the footsteps of brave pioneers, legendary authors, and intrepid treasure hunters, whose stories have become woven into the fabric of these idyllic islands. As you navigate from Key Largo to Key West, the Florida Keys reveal fascinating tales of courage, resilience, and determination, inviting you to embrace their vibrant and storied past. By internalizing and sharing the islands’ history and culture, you become part of the ongoing effort to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of this unique and captivating destination. Browse through our selection of Florida Keys home rentals now. 

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Marathon Seafood Festival

Marathon Seafood Festival 2015If you’re visiting the Middle Keys area, you’ll want to visit Marathon’s annual Seafood Festival. It’s the 2nd largest Florida Keys event with over 21,000 attendees in 2014.

  • Fresh local seafood including lobster tails, stone crab, fish, shrimp, etc.
  • Cheap beverages to quench your thirst from all that fresh seafood
  • Live music entertainment throughout 2-day event
  • Games for children, rock-climbing wall
  • Keys Artist Village & Art Show
  • Over 200 vendors selling jewelry, clothing, arts & crafts, and other great souvenirs
  • Raffle giveaways and other great prizes and games
  • Please no pets permitted within park grounds

Visit their website for more information, or call 305-743-5417


Florida Keys Vacation Rentals, Inc. offers information about vacation rentals, various attractions, entertainment options etc. in Marathon, Florida.

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“Brew On The Bay” Craft Beer Festival in Key Largo

Brew on the Bay Beer Festival in Key LargoBrew on the Bay is a 3 day event: January 9-11, 2015 at Rowell’s Marina, Key Largo. Over 100 beer vendors, live music

Rotary Club of Key Largo is hosting its 4th annual Brew on the Bay ending at sunset on the beautiful Florida Bay. Sample over 100 different beers while enjoying local seafood and live entertainment.

Friday, January 9th – Everglades Alligator Farm’s Homebrew Competition 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Location: Lion’s Club Key Largo, $25 includes unlimited sampling, appetizers and local band. Wine and margaritas available for purchase.

Friday, January 9th – Shipwrecks Bar and Grill (Shipyard Brewing Black IPA release party)
45 Garden Cove Drive, Key Largo, FL 33037
5p-8p, beer specials, giveaways, and more!

Friday, January 9th – Florida Keys Brewing Company’s Meet & Greet – VIP only, meet your favorite craft beer vendors, 8:30 pm-11:00 pm, Location: Bayside Inn, 99490 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo. food, beer & music on the beach!
Saturday, January 10th “MAIN EVENT” – Brew on the Bay Location: Rowell’s Marina Property, 104550 Overseas Hwy. Key Largo, live music by The Regs and Cowboy Up.
General Admission 2:00-5:30 pm, $39.95 in advance $49 at the gate

Islamorada Beer Company’s VIP Admission 1-5:30, 1 hour early admission, priority parking, souvenir glass, specialty beer available in VIP tent, admission to Meet & Greet on 1/9, appetizers (Shrimp Cocktail, Guacamole & Chips, Caprese Salad, Chicken Skewers with Pineapple Rum Glaze) special seating close to band, bay & sunset. $69.95 before 1/10/15 $79 at the gate

Sunday, January 11th – SweetWater Brewing Company’s Hangover Brunch, 10 am – noon on Island Time Cruises.
Beer and Brunch Buffet included, Steel Drum Band, full bar available for purchase, boarding and bar opens at 9 am sharp.

More info at http://keylargobrewonthebay.com or in this week’s Florida Keys Free Press.

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