Monroe County BOCC

Monroe County BOCC

The Keys are not open for business.

There are many resources staged, and ready to move into the Florida Keys to help, as soon as possible.

The wind may have stopped blowing, but for most of the Florida Keys, there is no fuel, electricity, running water, or cell service. For many people, supplies are running low and anxiety is running high.


The DOT dispatched five cut-and-toss crews this morning, and four bridge inspection teams. Their goal is to clear passage and verify bridge integrity, to MM 39. Four more teams are flying into Key West tomorrow, to work their way up.

Aerial inspection drones are scheduled for flight as soon as this afternoon.

Once the roads are cleared, and the bridges are inspected for use, aid and relief can start to move as it is flown in.

Traffic backing up in Florida City is creating longer wait times for ground crews to get into the area. With growing concern for loved ones and property, many people are eager to get back to the keys.

At this point, the coordinated effort from the Monroe County EOC is the most supported, well trained, well-structured recovery effort. Part of that effort includes communicating when it is safe for everyone to return to the keys. The EOC has not released a statement of safe return as of yet.

Please be patient, and help spread the word.